Terms & Conditions Prudle Institute

– If the student enrolled in the course, there is no ’’refund’’ whether the student decided to stop his, her learning journey on the first day or later.

– Delaying the course or canceling it in the condition of lack of students is acceptable and the student will be refunded immediately.

– The payment receipt is an essential document in terms of solving a payment problem anything except that won’t be authorized.

– The student has to be disciplined in attending the classes on time as well as the exams. There is no exceptional change unless with a written statement from the management department to do so.

– A warning letter will be sent to the student if there is a Late attendance, absence, or misbehaving in any kind of way.

– If the student is absent for more than 4 days without an authorized sick leave or understandable reason, the student will be excluded from the course without any refund.

– The student must score 65% overall to pass the level otherwise the certificate can’t be issued. However, there is a special offer for the student who failed the exam which is 50% being cut off for them as an encouragement to continue their learning journey( this condition is not applied to the special offers enrollment ).

Appropriate clothing is required.

– The institution has no responsibility for losing anything belong’s to the student whether at the institute or out.

– Proper call or WhatsApp texting are authorized methods in terms of connection.

– The starting date requires a number of students to begin the course and this requirement can extend from two weeks to six at the most if it’s needed.

– By signing on a document I acknowledge that I’m aware of the course conditions, terms and I accept to be enrolled in it.